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GM on the road to financial recovery

30 October, 2014

After incurring charges of nearly $3 billion for safety recalls, General Motors had an encouraging third quarter, turning in an earnings report free of special charges for the first time in six months. By accounting for most of the recall-related costs in the first half of the year, including legal fees and costs for fixing and shipping recalled vehicles, GM appears to finally be moving past the worst safety crisis in its more than 100-year history.


Credit Suisse thrives in third quarter

28 October, 2014

Gains in its trading and equity underwriting businesses resulted in a strong third quarter for Credit Suisse, which saw its profit more than double. Many trading operations were buoyed by market volatility in September, but bank executives are striking a note of caution, given mixed results in early October. Brady Dougan, Credit Suisse’s American Chief Executive, stated that “the pace of execution in the fourth quarter will clearly depend on market conditions.”


Bubbling turmoil in the global oil industry

26 October, 2014

Oil companies worldwide are facing some daunting challenges, with demand down and a glut in supply. US output of shale oil has risen sharply, enabling it to cut OPEC imports by nearly 50%. There are also troubles within OPEC, as Saudi Arabia cut official prices this month to shore up market share, and most members are engaged in a price war with Asia. The price of oil, based on Brent Crude, has plunged to $92 a barrel since June 2014, the lowest in over two years.


Qualcomm moving into ‘internet of everything'

22 October, 2014

Amidst growing demand for web-enabled products, American wireless technology company Qualcomm recently announced that it will buy British chip-maker CSR, a pioneer in Bluetooth wireless technology. Like many large chip-makers, Qualcomm, being one of the world’s largest, seeks to gain a foothold in the “internet of everything” or “internet of things”, the concept behind connecting household devices such as washing machines and refrigerators to the web.


Could electric cars recharge US power industry?

19 October, 2014

With demand for electricity in steady decline, the US power industry is coming to a crossroads. In 2013 Americans used 2% less electricity than in 2007, and according to the Energy Information Administration, demand is projected to grow by less than 1% a year through 2040. Meanwhile homes with plug-in cars are using 58% more electricity. If providers partnered with plug-in electric carmakers, some analysts say, the industry could reinvent itself and rebound.


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