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Facebook’s bottom line likes mobile advertising

29 July, 2014

Facebook posted significant growth in revenue and profits for the second quarter of this year. The growth surge, celebrated by investors, is attributed mainly to mobile advertising, which appears in the news feeds of users accessing the social network via their mobile phones. The company reports having around 1.32 billion monthly users worldwide in June, with more than a billion people using the service at least partly on mobile devices.


Out of the handset business, Nokia gathers its strengths

27 July, 2014

Finnish telecom company Nokia had a second-quarter boost in profits, reporting €2.5 billion in income compared with a €226 million loss in the same period last year. Unable to compete with the likes of Apple and Samsung, the company completed the sale of its handset unit to Microsoft in April. When adjusted for the handset sale and other divestments, Nokia had a net loss of €26 million, compared with a loss of €113 million in last year’s second quarter.


Japanese electronics firms overdue for a reboot

24 July, 2014

Japan’s once-mighty electronics firms have suffered precipitous losses in global market share in the past decade, due largely to an inability to compete in key categories of consumer electronics, most notably smartphones. Outpaced by foreign as well as local rivals, former titans such as Sony, Hitachi, Panasonic and Sharp are starting to reckon with the fact that in order to survive in an industry which has rapidly evolved, they will need to adapt.


Europe launches initiative to fund bio-based industries

22 July, 2014

The EU and Bio-Based Industries Consortium recently announced a €3.7-billion Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in a far-ranging effort to grow bio-based industries, an emerging sector of Europe’s bio-economy. More than 70 European companies in the biotech, chemical, energy, agro-food and pulp and paper sectors are part of the initiative, which will initially focus mainly on bio-based products and fuels sourced locally and “Made in Europe”.


Apple and IBM joining forces on business software

20 July, 2014

Apple CEO Tim Cook and Virginia M. Rometty, IBM’s Chief Executive Officer, have announced a new partnership to focus on expanding the use of advanced mobile and data analysis technology in the workplace. The deal could strengthen Apple’s sales in the corporate sector, both in the US and internationally, while IBM, buoyed by the popularity of Apple’s mobile devices, will be poised to bolster its position in business software.


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