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The surge of corporate clean energy projects

31 August, 2016

American corporations, particularly in the tech industry, are increasingly switching to renewable energy. Costs for renewables has become much more competitive, and executives are under pressure from shareholders and the public to show they are doing their part against to battle change. Recently Apple signed one of largest commercial clean energy contracts yet, pledging to meet its power needs with green sources.


Can PSA’s turnaround strategy go the distance?

29 August, 2016

Since appointing CEO Carlos Tavares two years ago, France’s PSA Group, parent of Peugeot and Citroën, has had an impressive turnaround. Tavares’ programme of cost cutting and manufacturing efficiencies has increased profits, revenues and margins for a company that was on the brink of bankruptcy. Tavares credits PSA’s small size and agility. However, these very attributes could leave it ill-equipped to face new challenges in the automotive industry.


Apple’s efforts to crack China’s smartphone market

26 August, 2016

With demand for Apple’s iPhones nearly drying up in China, the American tech titan is doubling down. Apple has announced plans to increase investments in China, and build its first Asia-Pacific research and development centre there. China is, after all, the world’s biggest smartphone market. On a recent visit, Chief Executive Tim Cook told Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli that the centre will be built by the end of the year.


The self-driving race is picking up speed

24 August, 2016

Demand for technology talent in the automotive industry is skyrocketing, as companies race to develop the first self-driving cars. This month Uber and Ford each announced new pushes into the autonomous driving space. Uber’s fleet will soon be hitting the road for test runs in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The American ride-hailing company has also acquired Otto, a start-up focused on using self-driving technology for shipping.


Why WeChat is dominating the mobile internet

22 August, 2016

The brainchild of Chinese tech giant Tencent, WeChat has made the mobile internet an everyday part of life in China. People use it not only for communication, but for myriad other activities, all with a single platform. This is a very different app ecosystem than that of the West, where consumers use many different apps to access the internet. WeChat also brings in a handsome profit, which has Silicon Valley taking notice.


Showing 1-5 of 614


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