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Investments keeping Bombardier aloft

26 November, 2015

Canadian multinational aerospace and transportation company Bombardier will receive $1.5 billion from Quebec’s pension fund for a nearly one-third stake in its train and transit group. This follows a recent $1 billion infusion from the provincial government. The investments have stabilized the company’s financial standing, which has been undermined by difficulties with a new commercial jet project.


Square shares pop after low IPO

24 November, 2015

After entering the market with a deeply discounted IPO price less than 60% of its last private valuation, shares of Square, the mobile payments company co-founded by Twitter Chief Executive Jack Dorsey, shot up as much as 64%. This performance runs counter to the recent trend among IPOs, which have been trading down by about 5% for the past year, to the dismay of Silicon Valley start-ups.


China and Russia preparing for take-off

22 November, 2015

In the global market for commercial airliners, America’s Boeing and Europe’s Airbus have dominated the skies for decades. Now aircraft manufacturers in China and Russia are hoping to break the duopoly with new planes meant to compete with Airbus’s A320 and Boeing’s 737. Analysts are sceptical, due to the might of the top two, and the obstacles facing their would-be challengers.


Hewlett-Packard: The new duality

19 November, 2015

This month one of Silicon Valley’s old guard, Hewlett-Packard (HP), started trading as two separate companies on the New York Stock Exchange. Orchestrated by Chief Executive Officer Meg Whitman, the split offers a fresh start. However, HP’s problems could be more about perception than organisation. In the competition for market share, and for talent, it will need to reclaim its image as an innovator.


A revamped Deutsche Bank taking shape

17 November, 2015

Like other European banks, Deutsche Bank has launched a sweeping effort to cut costs, improve returns, and simplify its business. As part of the restructuring, led by Co-Chief Executive John Cryan, the bank will split its Corporate Banking and Securities division in two, with one unit focusing on Corporate and Investment Banking and the other, Global Debt Capital Markets, focusing on sales and trading.


Showing 1-5 of 501


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