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How the Industrial Internet of Things is taking shape

29 September, 2016

While the consumer end of the Internet of Things has been hyped for a decade, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is likely to materialise much sooner. The IIoT market is also likely to dwarf the consumer IoT market. Industrial companies worldwide are well on their way to developing the IIoT, many with an eye on China. The world’s biggest manufacturing power has ambitious goals, and could be poised to take the lead.


The limits of leapfrogging in Africa

26 September, 2016

Looking to Africa, tech companies have grand ambitions of leapfrogging; that is, skipping past older technologies that were never implemented, straight to the newest. The thinking is that drones, for example, can compensate for a lack of roads. Mobile banking can replace functional banks, and solar panels eliminate the need for power stations. There have been remarkable successes. But there are also limits to leaping into the future without an infrastructure.


Corporate sustainability: from nicety to necessity

22 September, 2016

“Sustainability is just being slightly less awful”, explains Chris Davis, International Director of Corporate Social Responsibility for cosmetics firm The Body Shop. Definitions of corporate sustainability tend to be nebulous; after all, there is no standard set of sustainable practices. This could be changing, however, as governments, investors and consumers increasingly demand approaches that mitigate environmental impact.


CEO succession and the curious case of SoftBank

19 September, 2016

CEO succession planning is a critical process, and one of the top responsibilities of boards and CEOs. It is also a major challenge for many companies. When Masayoshi Son, founder and CEO of Japanese telecoms conglomerate SoftBank said he wanted to retire, the CEO search began. Five years later, in 2015, Nikesh Arora was appointed to the top job. This summer Son changed his mind, saying he will stay for another 5-10 years.


Smartphone star Xiaomi battles supply chain snags, market shifts

19 September, 2016

China’s Xiaomi, which made it big with affordable smartphones, has been diversifying its consumer products offerings, with mixed results. While building an “ecosystem” of devices, the company’s focus has shifted away from its core business. Supply chain issues and other missteps, as well as external forces such as market maturation, have devalued the start-up worth $45 billion in 2014 to only a tenth of that, by some estimates.


Showing 1-5 of 626


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