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Automotive: Nissan-Mitsubishi deal could be a win-win

24 October, 2016

Nissan Motor Co. completed a deal this month to acquire a controlling 34% stake in Mitsubishi Motors. The $2.2 billion investment is a lifeline for Mitsubishi, following the mileage scandal which made headlines in May. As part of Mitsubishi’s planned turnaround, Osamu Masuko will remain as Chief Executive. Nissan hopes Mitsubishi’s strength in developing Asian countries will help boost its own lacklustre performance in the region.


Airbus chief executive has a new flight plan

20 October, 2016

Airbus’s efforts to get its A380 superjumbo, the world’s largest passenger aircraft, off the ground were fraught with delays and cost overruns. Three chief executives were ousted. Ten years later, headed by Group CEO Tom Enders, the European plane-maker continues to make changes to better compete with its main rival, Boeing. Last month Enders announced a restructuring aimed at making the firm more profit-driven and focused on jetliners.


Hopes for China’s recovery have dimmed

17 October, 2016

Despite encouraging signs in August, China’s recovery from the past year’s slump could already be evaporating. In September, exports from the world’s second-biggest economy fell 10% from a year earlier. Imports declined by 1.9%. Both results were unexpected, and had global reverberations. Weaker demand, both domestically and abroad, is seen as the primary reason for the sagging trade figures, along with recent depreciation in the yuan.


Smarter smart devices are on the horizon

13 October, 2016

On the ever-changing personal technology landscape, a new class of devices is emerging: “hearables”, or smart earbuds and headphones, and smart speakers, such as Amazon’s Echo. Both use artificial intelligence to allow users to communicate with machines by voice, and have multiple uses, generally working in tandem with virtual assistants like Siri and Cortana. Analysts predict a sizable market, and competition is heating up among technology companies worldwide.


More supply in the pipeline for US oil industry

10 October, 2016

At a difficult time for the oil industry, large new oil and natural gas fields were discovered recently, including two located in the American states of Texas and Alaska. While it will take several years to produce significant amounts of oil from the fields, their discovery supports contentions that oil prices will stay low for a long time, and that oil companies will continue to try and increase their reserves for future production.


Showing 1-5 of 633


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