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Energy: The state of solar

2 May, 2016

The solar industry is coming into its own, particularly in sun-drenched developing countries. India and parts of the Middle East, notably Jordan, as well as China are undertaking solar projects of unprecedented scale. Such advancements powered a 26% rise in global solar energy capacity last year. The main driver is cost, which has dropped significantly, though some question whether the downward trend is sustainable.


China’s way out of the steel and coal glut

29 April, 2016

China says it is taking steps to scale back its overcapacity in steel and coal, believed to have caused global crises in the two sectors. This will include shifting capacity overseas as well as limiting new domestic capacity by restricting the availability of credit. Financial support, in the form of loans, export credits and project financing, will be used to encourage Chinese coal and steel businesses to build capacity abroad.


GM riding on strong Q1 earnings

27 April, 2016

American automotive giant General Motors had a robust first quarter, with profits more than doubling. All of the company’s North American business units posted improved numbers, including record pre-tax earnings. While nearly breaking even in Europe, GM made strong profits in China, and restricted its losses in the challenging South American market, going on to record $2.7 billion in pre-tax profits for the quarter.


Technology: The rise of the bot economy

25 April, 2016

Apps comprise one of the fastest-growing software markets ever, generating billions in revenue in less than a decade. But the market has matured, as evidenced by lower usage and the dominance of a few major players. In contrast, chatbots – software that uses artificial intelligence to simulate conversation on messaging platforms – are an open frontier. As services based on AI improve, a new software ecosystem is emerging.


Executive hiring: Old Navy gets a new chief

22 April, 2016

Drawing on internal talent, US apparel retailer Gap Inc. has appointed Sonia Syngal as President of its Old Navy division. The post has been held by an interim manager since September, when Stefan Larsson became CEO of Ralph Lauren. Syngal was Executive Vice President of Gap’s global supply chain and product operations, and previously served as Senior Vice President of Old Navy’s international division.


Showing 1-5 of 562


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